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Mastering Success: 3 Strategies to Secure Your Next SMMA Client through Cold Email Outreach

Updated: Apr 20

Cold emailing for Social Media Marketing Agencies (SMMA) – that is, sending emails to prospects you've never met and who have had no prior exposure to your agency – remains a highly effective method for setting up meetings and acquiring new clients. In this insightful post, Michael Gardiner, a seasoned expert in cold email tactics, shares three invaluable strategies to help you land your next SMMA client through cold email.

Cold Email Outreach for SMMA

Is cold email outreach oversaturated? Has it lost its efficacy over time? The answer is a resounding no. In fact, when executed correctly, cold email outreach can yield remarkable results.

Drawing from nearly six years of experience in cold outreach, I've achieved more success with it than most agency owners. Today, I'm eager to share three invaluable tips and strategies for securing your next SMMA client through cold email, along with three pitfalls to avoid.

SMMA Cold Email Strategy #1: Seek Out Authentic Contacts, Avoid Emailing the Gatekeeper Effective prospecting demands time and patience, but there's a compelling reason to refrain from collecting generic company email addresses – they usually route straight to the secretary, assistant, or other gatekeepers. These intermediaries are tasked with safeguarding the top-level executives' time.

Typically, secretaries monitor email addresses such as info@, sales@, help@, and support@, which are unlikely to connect you with the CEO or C-level decision-maker you're targeting. Many agency owners shy away from the additional effort required to find the precise "Name@Domain" email addresses of their desired contacts.

While there's no substitute for diligent research in identifying the right person to contact, I recommend using tools to validate emails and navigate organizational email hierarchies. Some useful tools include,, Rocket Reach, and Sales QL.

SMMA Cold Email Strategy #2: Authenticity Over Hype in Your Email Content It's time to ditch the flashy tactics and grandiose language in your cold emails. We understand that you've immersed yourself in copywriting books and YouTube ads, but your prospective clients are already inundated with thousands of newsletters from self-proclaimed "expert marketing copywriters."

The most effective cold emails convey genuine interest in the recipient's company, without resorting to elaborate marketing language. Be sincere, concise, and make it clear that you're genuinely reaching out. Your objective is to appear as though you've personally written the email, not as if you're delivering an advertisement. Remember, people respond to emails that emanate a human touch.

SMMA Cold Email Strategy #3: Reach Out to Companies You Genuinely Appreciate Don't pretend to adore a product or service you have no genuine interest in. It's acceptable to approach businesses that may not align with your personal preferences, but honesty is key. Discuss the aspects of their business that truly intrigue you, whether it's their website design, content quality, or engaged fan base.

Furthermore, consider that during a potential phone call with the prospect, they can easily discern if your interest is insincere. Approach every cold email as if you're preparing to engage in a genuine conversation.

Here's my suggestion: Write emails to companies you genuinely admire. Business owners, especially, can see through inauthenticity. If you're passionate about mountain biking, reach out to businesses related to that niche. Your authenticity will shine through, and breaking the ice during a sales call will be a breeze.

How to Secure Your Next Client through Cold Email Outreach

Now that we've covered what not to do in your cold email outreach, let's focus on what you should do. Here are three actionable steps you can implement today to secure your next SMMA client:

  1. Explore Your Everyday Surroundings: Identify the brands you love in your daily life. Look in your bathroom for skincare products you adore or in your bedroom for candles you genuinely use and can discuss. Then, craft a cold email as a satisfied customer.

  2. Follow Your Interests: Identify influencers or business owners you find intriguing or have recently encountered through podcasts or other media. Mention where you discovered them, express genuine interest in their work, and initiate contact.

  3. Advocate for a Cause: Find a charitable cause or movement you're passionate about, and identify key figures in that industry. Don't hesitate to send a cold email expressing your support and interest.

Starting with cold emails may seem straightforward, but it's the first step to unlocking new opportunities. Get out there and commence your outreach – it's time to take action and make it happen! You've got this.

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