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SMMA Glossary

Ad account

SMMA Glossary: An account in which all adverts are billed to a single payment method. Facebook, Google, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, all use this method of grouping adverts. You can have multiple ad accounts in a single business manager, and share access.

Ads Manager

The hub of all your ad accounts, campaigns, ad sets, and adverts on Facebook and other social media advertising networks.

Ad set

Ad sets live under campaigns and contain specific adverts. You control the budget, targeting, schedules, and placements at this level.


In an ad set, adverts are singular units with specific copy or creatives.


A business which provides a specific service on behalf of another business or person


Photography, videography, and sounds that can be used in adverts.


Removing manual work from any job or process. For example, you might automate sending invoices to clients.


The maximum amount you will allow an ad set to spend.

Business Manager

The ‘hub’ of all business and agency-related activity on Facebook, where pages, assets, and ad accounts are managed. Learn how to set up a Business Manager account here.


Ad sets are controlled in the ‘campaign’: it is the over-arching structure of a series of adverts.


ClickFunnels is a web-based software that allows you to create funnels with automated sequences, easily.


A person or business who uses your agency to deliver services to them.


Copywriting is a skill and the process by which you create ‘copy’ (captions, email bodies) for adverts. This is also a service that agencies can offer.

Cold call

Cold calls are a method of ‘cold’ outreach, where the business you are calling does not know you and is not expecting your call.


An SMMA contract is a legally binding agreement between you and your client.


A contractor is an individual who delivers a specific service.

Content creation

Content creation is a type of service that agencies or individuals can offer and includes graphic design, photography and videography.


Cost-per-acquisition: how much it is costing you to convert a user (purchase, download).


Cost-per-thousand: how much it will cost you to reach 1,000 people.

Custom Audience

An audience created from a customer list (where Facebook matches emails to Facebook account), Pixel data (such as website traffic) or users who have visited your mobile app.

Decision maker

In business, the decision-maker is the individual who is able to allocate budget and decide on whether or not to sign a contract with your agency, becoming a client.


A colloquial term for ‘direct message’, most commonly on Instagram. This is a method of outreach for signing clients.


A business model where products are traded over the internet. This includes online shopping and dropshipping.

Email marketing

Email marketing is another service an agency can offer. This involves sending regular emails to a client’s list of leads.


Facebook is the most popular social media channel in the world with 2.5 Billion users. It also owns Instagram. It is the most popular choice of advertising in SMMA.


A funnel describes your customer’s journey and is an attempt to move your customer from ‘awareness’ of your product or service to ‘purchase’.

A typical funnel


In sales, the gatekeeper is often the first person you speak to when you call a business: the receptionist, assistant or executive. They do not have buying power and they are not the decision-maker. Your job is to get past them.


The number of times a piece of content or advert was seen.


Instagram, owned by Facebook, is another popular social media channel. Facebook adverts are automatically served to Instagram users.

iOS 14

Apple’s latest operating system that requires users to opt-in to tracking.


In sales, leads are names and email addresses/ numbers of potential clients for your agency.

Lead generation

Lead generation is the process of collecting names and email addresses. This is also a Facebook advert objective and allows you to collect names, emails and phone numbers from people who respond to an advert.


LinkedIn is often referred to as Facebook for professionals. It is a channel primarily for Business-to-Business (B2B) communications, and an excellent source of leads. LinkedIn management is also another service your agency can offer.

Lookalike Audience

An audience created by the Facebook (or other) algorithm which resembles another custom audience.

In an agency, a media buyer is responsible for the ‘purchase’ of advertising space – in SMMA this is most commonly on Facebook or other social media platforms. They are usually skilled in advertising on these platforms.


At, we think that mindset is equally important to knowledge and practice in growing a successful SMMA.

A niche is a service that you offer, and the industry you offer it to. For example, offering paid traffic services to gyms.

Outreach is the method by which you contact leads.

Paid Traffic

The terms ‘paid traffic’ and ‘paid social advertising’ are used interchangeably and refer to using adverts on social media to drive visitors to a client’s website.

Performance Marketer

A performance marketer is similar to a media buyer but has further expertise in funnel creation and other forms of marketing. They are able to work ‘holistically’ on a marketing campaign: for instance, reviewing landing pages.

Personal Brand

Many agency owners utilize a personal brand to increase the number of leads to their agency. Personal brands are also popular in other businesses.


A pixel is a small bit of .html code offered by Facebook that businesses can include on their websites. Using this, they can re-target website visitors on their Facebook pages. Most social media channels offer a variation on this.

Privacy Policy

Most countries require websites to host ‘privacy policies’ on their websites detailing how they process visitors’ data. They are also required by Facebook in order to create Lead Generation adverts.


A monthly fee paid by a client to an agency in return for your services.


A form of advertising which uses a pixel (or another source) to serve users who have previously visited a website, or shown interest in a product.


ROAS stands for return-on-ad-spend and is a type of results-based contract and payment type that agencies can set up with their clients.


Ideally in meetings and outreach, you should follow a script to ensure you are covering all the points you want to raise. We offer a free script to students who take our free training.

SMMA stands for ‘Social Media Marketing Agency’ and technically refers to any agency which offers social-media-based services. However, it is also used as a shorthand for lean, nimble agencies, often without offices or employees.


Snapchat is a popular social media channel with a traditionally younger-user base. Snapchat advertising is becoming increasingly popular and whilst it is often cheaper than Facebook, it is not as effective.


This is what your agency offers to its clients: social media management, paid traffic, content creation and email marketing are all examples of services.


Targeting is the choice of demographics and interests for an ad set.


Like Snapchat, TikTok is popular with younger users and offers a cheap CPM


Users visiting a website or video.


Twitter is a popular social media channel. Twitter adverts aren’t as effective as Facebook ads but some niches find success advertising on this platform.


Verification on a social media platform means that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok have verified that you are the individual or business you claim to represent and that you are notable.

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